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Craftsmanship & Materials

Craftsmanship & Materials

OXFOX Ltd has been supplying traditional made-in-England British fashion accessories such as college and university style (saxony wool) scarves for almost 35 years. Sports clubs and societies, as well as corporate and academic institution, turn to our Cambridge based workshops to design and supply a wide range of Saxony wool scarves. 1989 saw the introduction of the company’s first electronic machines, which allowed it to branch out into the school wear market, eventually including further education institutions, BtoB and BtoC markets both in the UK and overseas. 

Since the nineties of the last century we also produce and supply the best quality cashmere, silk and linen scarves with our typical striped patterns. We are dedicated to preserving and delivering the best of British craftsmanship traditions. We carefully preserve traditional manufacturing skills whilst applying contemporary production techniques. OXFOX Scarves, Premium British Neckwear.

Saxony wool

In the 18th century merino sheep were exported from Spain to Saxony. From then on Saxony became renowned for its finely spun and superior quality wool. The unique elasticity of this soft, dense material makes it hardwearing and ideal for fine stripes. All our scarves are made of 100% Saxony wool and are hand sewn to perfection. Choose from over 80 colours to create the style and design for you. 

Our scarves can be personalised with bespoke labels, simply surf to Create your own scarf or contact us for more information.