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Design Your Scarf

Design your own unique scarf

Design your own unique scarf, for your club, society or simply using the colours and fabrics you like just for you. All of our scarves are made from fine 100% Saxony wool. Or combinations of Saxony wool stripes with printed silk or micro-fleece on the other side. Or what about double thickness with different (striped) patterns. We manufacture all our scarves in our Cambridgeshire based workshop. Of course all lenghts and widths are possible however the traditional scarves are approximately 10’’ x 72’’ (25 cm x 182 cm) and have the traditional OXFOX label sewn into the bottom corner.

Minimum quantity for this service is 4.

If you want to order a unique scarf and wish to provide your own specific fabric we can still help you. This is our Cut, Make and Trim service. Please send us an email.

1. Download PDF

Please click on Download PDF and open the brochure with all available OXFOX colours. Choose your colour(s) and write down the colour number(s).

Download PDF

2. Make your design

Design your own unique scarf pattern - or any other pattern - with the colours (numbers) from the OXFOX Brochure. Scan your design sketch with the assigned colours. Any questions please Contact us so we can explain what the possibilities and restrictions are.

3. Send your logo

Have your company logo or club/ society crest embroidered onto the scarf. We offer this additional service for orders of 6 or more scarves. We can embroider a single logo or crest. Send us your logo in .jpg or .png.

4. Email your design

Please email us your Design with colours (PDF) and Logo (.jpg or. png). Don't forget to mention the number of scarves you want to order (>6)

Email us

We take care of the rest and contact you about the next steps.

We will come back to you with a quote and delivery times.  Within 2 weeks we will send you a sample and will only start production the moment you have approved the sample. You will pay 50% in advance and 50% after approval of the sample. Delivery 2 weeks after final payment. If you wish to provide your own specific fabric we can still help. We have extensive experience of producing college style scarves in a wide variety of materials, designs and finishes. 

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email us.


British Craftsmanship

Carefully preserving traditional manufacturing skills whilst applying contemporary production techniques.

The Process